BCF Wessex

BCF Wessex provide professional business vehicle finance and taxation advice to the automotive industry and leasing companies. The focus is to make the complex simple and help the industry better understand tax and finance, and be able to relay that information clearly to their customers or staff.

They created the Fleet Tax Guide in conjunction with the IDAC Media team which serves the purpose of replacing paper-based books with a mobile web optimised platform. The accessibility of the web app covers iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and even Blackberry.. I know. BCF Wessex provide all updates, including UK Government budget analysis for users to provide with their branded mobile web apps. Clients include companies such as Venson, Peugeot UK, Alphabet and Activa Contracts.

IDAC Media worked on new branding for BCF Wessex, basing their icon around the idea of an app icon being pressed. As BCF Wessex develop more software-type solutions, the icon will form part of the acknowledgement of quality and accuracy.


BCF Wessex

Peugeot Mobile Tax

Alphabet Fleet Tax Guide

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