John Galvin Design

Award-winning furniture artist, John Galvin, designs innovative creations that encompass contemporary bespoke design with quality craftsmanship. Having exhibited for Saatchi with his Monolo Lounger, been nominated in the Ketel One Vodka design list in 2013 and Walpole British Luxury 2014 Craftsmanship category, being interviewed in Wallpaper, designing and creating for the upper echelons of the Whisky industry – all whilst being invited halfway around the World for exclusive exhibitions, John Galvin Design are destined for great things. We worked with John’s company to develop a stamp – a new brand which will will live alongside the incredible creations in homes, offices and SUPER yachts (John!) around the world. With an elegant, simple etching of John’s initials, the name will forever remain a part of the creations that magically appear from his hands.


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