Ogilvie Group Christmas Game

Christmas comes but once a year and this time we worked with the Ogilvie Group to replace the traditional cardboard folding / festive image scenario with something that may frustrate, annoy, challenge, delight and reward you. Yes, we have reworked the Flappy Bird classic of 2013 and delivered an HTML 5 mobile / desktop / laptop / tablet game for your seasonal enjoyment. The analytics are the proof of the Christmas pudding and there has been an average of 5m34s per user, over the first 5 days of release. A great fun project and our first game release from IDAC Towers which works incredibly well using touch on the mobile devices whilst the custom leaderboard allows you to track the success stories (people with a little too much time on their hands).

Have a play, here. 

Noteworthy: The excellent Mario-ish / 8-bit-esque game soundtrack was made entirely on an iPhone 6 by our very own Piotr C.

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